Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dr. Demento

WOW! What a surprise I had last night. I checked the playlists at and saw that he had played my song "B. A. Clown" on his show last Sunday, January 22.
I was jumping around like the kids in the movie "That Thing You Do" when they first heard their song playing on the radio!
I've been listening to the Dr. Demento show for about 25 years now. It was really cool to hear him say my name on the show and play my song!
If you can please request that he play the song at You can also listen to the January 22 show and other shows for just $2.00. CHEAP!
Also there's a site at that has a weekly top 20 countdown. Please go there and vote for my song as well. THANKS!!!
Thanks for all your help and support with this!


Blogger Pastor Wayne said...

Hey Steve, very funny song!
Next time your in Florida,call me up.
Wayne Sidley

5:26 AM  

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